A seagull standing on a tilted wooden post at a clear turquoise beach with a sailing boat in the distance and "#HolboxSinSargazo" hashtag in the corner.

“Discover Pristine Beaches of Holbox: Sargassum-Free Paradise”

As sargassum seaweed begins to wash up on some beaches in Quintana Roo, the island of Holbox remains beautifully clean. This has prompted the local hotel industry to launch a campaign called "Holbox free of sargassum". Christian Stenta, Vice President of the Holbox Hotel Association, shared that the island's coasts naturally stay clean. He emphasized the importance of visitors being aware of this, so they can visit without worrying about encountering the seaweed.

Stenta further explained that the island's location north of the Yucatan Peninsula prevents the type of sargassum that affects the beaches of Riviera Maya and Tulum from reaching Holbox. "We don't need to take any actions, it's a natural process," he said.

In the winter, a small amount of seagrass does arrive on the island, but it dries naturally and contributes to the maintenance of the beaches. Consequently, from March to October, and sometimes even until November, the beaches remain free of both sargassum and seagrass.

Stenta also highlighted the efforts of the local hotels in maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches. "Each hotel is dedicated to grooming and keeping clean of the macro and micro trash that arrives at night, each having its own beach club," he said.

Holbox offers more than 1,600 rooms in 109 accommodation centers and is easily accessible by road from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, either privately or via ADO bus services to Chiquilá.

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