A close-up of a container filled with sand-covered spheres, with individuals working in the background, possibly part of a conservation project.

“Protecting 10,400 Turtle Eggs from Hurricane Beryl in Cancun”

The Benito Juarez Ecology Department has initiated a contingency plan to protect around 10,400 sea turtle eggs from the impending Hurricane "Beryl". The eggs, which are from 93 nests located at Playa Delfines, have been relocated to a secure location for their safety.

Each nest is carefully placed in a styrofoam box, with a 5-centimeter layer of sand at the bottom. The eggs are then laid on this layer, and another layer of sand of the same thickness is added on top. Holes are made in the sides of the box for ventilation, and the date of collection is noted on the lid for ongoing tracking.

This process is designed to prevent the nests from being affected by tides or sand landslides. With this protection, it is estimated that 78 to 80 percent of the hatchlings will successfully hatch. If the hatchlings emerge before the hurricane hits, they will be released on the beach as usual, typically two months after nesting.

Tania Estefanía Fernández Moreno, the head of the Ecology Department, revealed that there are currently 45 turtle pens across 12 kilometers of beaches in Cancun, housing an estimated 105,000 eggs.

In other news, the Benito Juarez Inspection Department is prepared to enforce the "Dry Law" announced by Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa. The law is a preventive measure in response to the approaching Hurricane "Beryl".

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Gustavo Fernández Hernández, head of the Inspection Department, stated that his team of 50 inspectors is ready to visit premises reported by the public for violating this law. While the review of premises selling alcoholic beverages falls under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan), the Department is working in collaboration with them to address and review public complaints.

As per the latest update from Sefiplan, the "Dry Law" will be in effect from the first minute of Thursday, July 4th until further notice. The law will apply to all businesses selling alcoholic beverages.