A spider monkey sitting on a tree branch peeling and eating a banana, surrounded by lush green foliage.

“Dire Drought Threatens Spider Monkeys in Playa del Carmen”

Environmentalists are raising concerns about the impact of an ongoing drought in Playa del Carmen, particularly on the local spider monkey population. The next 20 days are seen as critical for the survival of these primates if the dry conditions persist. The lack of water and food, which these animals rely on, is becoming increasingly scarce.

Spider monkeys typically feed on fruits from native trees such as the sapodilla, breadnut, and trumpet tree. However, the drought has caused a shortage of these fruits, forcing the monkeys to resort to eating tender shoots. The current drought conditions have left even these alternative food sources in short supply.

The situation has drawn parallels with the plight of howler monkeys in the state of Tabasco. There, dozens of monkeys have died due to a severe heatwave that has swept across Mexico, despite local efforts to provide them with food and water.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. Weather forecasts predict heavy rains for Quintana Roo in the second half of the year. These rains are expected to alleviate the effects of the prolonged drought, providing much-needed relief for the region's wildlife.

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