street dog in mexico

Pandemic Causes Increase in Abandonment of Dogs in Playa del Carmen

The increased abandonment of pets is a public health problem that has various effects on the community.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – The COVID 19 pandemic has stimulated animal abandonment in Playa del Carmen. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 dogs on the streets, a sad phenomenon that was recognized Tuesday in the celebration of “International Street Dog Day”.

street dog in mexico

Laura Rendón Reyes, director of “Mi Amigo de la Calle“, an animal protection organization, said that it is a public health problem that brings various effects on the community. She urges implementation of more education for families so that they can avoid abandoning their pets.

“With the pandemic there was more abandonment of pets because when jobs were lost, many people had to return to their places of origin. The pets went to the streets. It was very unfortunate,” said Rendón Reyes.

One of the points where the presence of abandoned dogs has been detected most is in the delegation of Puerto Aventuras, south of Playa del Carmen. Here, there are constant calls to the authorities from people reporting being bit by stray dogs.

“What we need is a reeducation of the population, through educational talks, so that there is less abandonment of animals, such as dogs and cats,” added Rendón Reyes.

According to a bulletin issued by the Senate of the Republic, in Mexico it is estimated that currently there are around 10 million stray dogs in the country. “International Street Dog Day”, celebrated on July 27, seeks to create awareness, to stop the abandonment of these animals and to protect animal health in all stages of their life.

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Mi Amigo de la Calle” is a civil association that began work seven years ago in Playa del Carmen with the aim of protecting the lives of animals, particularly the dogs found living on the street.

During this time, the organization has organized dog food drives, adoption fairs and educational awareness talks. They have also undertaken sterilization programs not only in Playa del Carmen, but in remote locations, such as the Mayan zone in the state of ​​Quintana Roo.

Regarding sterilization, Rendón Reyes stresses that this is the most effective method to stop the abandonment of animals because sterilization reduces the possibility of stray dogs proliferating.

Source: SIPSE