american tourist dies in cancun

American Tourist Celebrating Wedding Anniversary Found Dead in Cancun

Texas firefighter, Elija Snow, in Cancun with his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary, was found dead in Cancun. The family suspects it was murder.

CANCUN – A Texas firefighter who flew to a Mexican resort in Cancun to celebrate his wedding anniversary was found dead, with his body trapped in a hotel bathroom window.

Photo Credit: Arlington Fire Department

Elijah Snow, a firefighter from Arlington Texas, had traveled with wife Jamie to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.

According to Randy Elledge, Elija Snow’s father-in-law, last Monday night, Snow and his wife, Jamie, were at a hotel bar. His wife decided to return to their room and he decided to stay behind at the bar. Jamie Snow woke up about 4 am, realized that her husband had not returned to their room and alerted authorities.

According to Quintana Roo officials, Snow got trapped in the bathroom window of a hotel several miles away from the one where he was staying with his wife. He died of mechanical asphyxiation, according to NBC News.

Elledge told the DFW-TV that the family has hired a private attorney to investigate the case. The attorney has allegedly obtained photos that show that Snow had been beaten and had bruises all over his his body.

Mexican officials say that Snow likely died accidentally.

Quintana Roo officials say that he was trying to climb through the window when he became trapped.

″Due to the height,he could not support his feet when the upper part of his body became trapped. He lost mobility and there was no point of support,”  added the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo.

The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office said it was investigating the death of the Texas man. Through a statement, they indicated that they found no signs of violence, but that it was an accident. Officials have ruled his death an accidental asphyxiation.

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Snow’s family disagrees and insists he was murdered.

Source: La Noticia