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“New Law Probes Women’s Violent Deaths – A Gender Focus!”

The XVII Legislature of Quintana Roo State has passed reforms to the Penal Code and the Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence. The aim is to ensure that every case of alleged suicide or intentional murder of a woman is investigated with a gender perspective to rule out femicide. This reform seeks to examine all violent deaths of women from this viewpoint, using the guidelines set by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in the landmark femicide case of Mariana Lima Buendía.

Key among these guidelines is the imposition of penalties on public officials responsible for investigating or dispensing justice in femicide cases. If they fail to carry out investigative procedures or actions to compile the investigation file, they will face sanctions.

Additionally, changes have been made to the Civil Code and the Penal Code regarding the loss and suspension of parental authority. These changes state that parental authority can be lost or suspended if the parent is convicted of a crime against freedom and sexual security, or if they are found guilty of femicide or murder against the other parent. Parental authority may also be suspended for those who fail to fulfill provisional alimentary obligations for more than 60 days without a justified cause.

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In terms of criminal law, a reform was passed that introduces aggravating factors to the penalties for property crimes and domestic violence when committed against the elderly. The definition of the crime of threats has also been updated and will now be considered as such when a person engages in this behavior once against another person.

A new type of crime has been added to the Penal Code relating to illegal access to computer systems, aiming to punish those who illegitimately enter these systems (databases, software, applications, social networks, systems, equipment, fixed or mobile devices, or any means of computer storage).

In environmental law, the Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection now prohibits state and municipal entities from using fireworks at public events. However, explosive or sound fireworks can be used at popular festivals, public shows, or private events, but only with prior authorization from the respective municipal authority. This approval will take into account safety measures, as well as prevention and mitigation of physical and environmental risks, among others.

Finally, in labor law, a provision has been added to the Law of Workers Serving the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers, the State's Municipalities and Decentralized Organizations. This provision establishes the right of workers to digital disconnection and guarantees respect for their rest time, permits and vacations, as well as their personal and family privacy, outside of the legally or conventionally established work time.