Journalist Fabiola Cortés Arrested in Shocking Legal Battle

In a contentious ruling, the Second Civil Judge of Playa del Carmen, Rafael Durán Cortázar, has ordered the arrest of journalist and lawyer Fabiola Cortés Miranda. This order comes in response to a lawsuit filed by Four Cardinals Development Mexico SA de CV, who are seeking 3.6 million US dollars for alleged "material damages" and an additional 5 million pesos for "severe moral damage".

Isaac Henares Duclos, the general attorney for Four Cardinals and the person in charge of the Amares Residential real estate project, is behind the lawsuit. The lawsuit is not only against Cortés Miranda, but also includes the civil association Somos Tus Ojos and indigenous Mayan individuals Roberto Chan Puc and María Guadalupe Canul Cab.

The Mayan individuals were reportedly dispossessed of their property "El Pocito" by Four Cardinals, who claimed…

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