Cause of Fire In Puerto Aventuras Could Be Arson

Authorities report that a fire in local butcher shop could have been intentionally set.

PUERTO AVENTURAS – Authorities continue to investigate the cause of the fire that destroyed a butcher shop in the town of Puerto Aventuras. Evidence was found that the fire was caused by homemade bombs and not a short circuit, as was previously thought.


According to information available, around 3:15 pm on July 3, two individuals threw Molotov cocktails into a butcher shop located on Calzada del Sol with Cerrada Langosta. The local was quickly engulfed in flames, its interior destroyed.

Neighbors reported the fire to the 911 emergency number. Unfortunately, when elements of the Fire Department arrived at the place, little could be done as the fire had already consumed the entire interior. The Municipal Police under the command of Jorge Robles Aguilar, also arrived on the scene to collect data and take statements from those on the scene.

At the moment, no motivation for the attack nor suspects have been identified.

Source: Noticaribe

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