A blue public bus with the destination sign “Va y Ven” parked at a bus stop with accessibility symbols highlighted

“Merida’s Va y Ven System Expanding: 9 New Hybrid Routes with Luxe Amenities!”

The city of Merida is set to integrate nine new routes into its Va y Ven public transportation system, according to the Yucatan Transportation Agency (ATY). The launch date is yet to be confirmed.

The new routes will include 69 Express Diamante, 67 Mulsay, Centenario-Anikabil, Nora Quintana-Juan Pablo, Piedra de Agua, 52 Norte-Villas La Hacienda, El Roble-79 Aviación, 69 Poniente Xoclán, and Mulsay-Juan Pablo-CREE-Psiquiátrico.

The buses operating on these routes will be hybrid Yutong units, which use a diesel-electric propulsion system. Each bus has a capacity for 70 passengers, with 30 seats available.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 emissions by 400% annually (equivalent to planting 2,845 trees), these buses offer several amenities. Features include air conditioning, USB chargers, screens, bike racks, and real-time tracking through the Va-y-ven app.

In a bid to promote universal accessibility, the buses have been designed with dedicated spaces for individuals with disabilities, those of short stature, and older adults. They are also equipped with wheelchair ramps, low floors, and Braille signage.

The new routes will offer a social fare for students, older adults, and people with disabilities, valid throughout the year. This initiative will also provide users with access to free and discounted transfers within the first 120 minutes from their initial trip, facilitating interconnection with any other route in the Va y Ven system.