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68 Migrant Detainees Transferred to Chetumal – What Happens Next?

A group of foreign nationals, detained in the municipality of Isla Mujeres, have been relocated to the city of Chetumal. This move is part of the necessary procedures for their eventual repatriation. The group, consisting of 68 adult men, was discovered in a residential complex in Isla Mujeres. They were initially turned over to immigration authorities at the Temporary Stay facility in Cancun.

This group is primarily made up of Indian nationals, with one individual of Peruvian origin. To prevent overcrowding at the Temporary Stay facility, 34 of these individuals were moved to the migration station in Chetumal. There, their Migratory Administrative Process (PAM) was initiated in accordance with established guidelines.

The discovery of this group was made during a joint operation by the National Guard, the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar), and personnel from the National Institute of Migration (INM). The authorities have confirmed that the men will be treated in accordance with Mexican immigration law. Their cases will be reviewed and monitored as per the procedures set by the National Institute of Migration.

The Temporary Stay facility in Cancun serves as a temporary shelter, providing humanitarian aid to people in irregular migration situations in Mexico while their administrative processes are carried out. The aim is to ensure the human rights of all migrants are respected, regardless of their nationality.

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The authorities have reiterated their commitment to safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of all people in a migratory situation in the country. They are committed to upholding national and international laws and maintaining active inter-institutional collaboration to ensure these laws are adhered to.

Further details about the condition of the men and the steps being taken regarding their immigration status in Mexico are expected to be released in the coming days. The immigration authorities have stated that they are working closely with authorities from all three levels of government. This collaboration aims to detect foreign individuals entering the country illegally, verify their conditions, and proceed with the necessary administrative procedures.

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