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Billionaire Slams President Over Yacht Remarks & Mayan Train: Who Will Win?

Business tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego has publicly criticized President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and his Mayan Train project. The dispute began when AMLO made disparaging comments about Salinas Pliego's yacht, the Lady Moura, during a morning press conference. This is the latest incident in an ongoing disagreement between Salinas Pliego, the owner of TV Azteca, and the federal government, which has previously involved a golf course in Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Salinas Pliego responded by comparing his private yacht, worth an estimated $150 million, to the Mayan Train, a major project of the federal government. He claimed that he funded his yacht through 40 years of hard work in his businesses, whereas the Mayan Train, which he dismissively referred to as a "toy," was paid for with public funds. He took to social media to express his views on the upcoming elections, encouraging his followers to vote for the "least worst" candidate.

In his posts, Salinas Pliego emphasized his resilience and reminded his followers that the next elections will take place on Sunday, June 2. He urged voters to choose the candidate they believe to be the "least worst."

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