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Mexican Govt Pledges Billions for Quintana Roo Road Repairs

The Mexican federal government has set aside over 1.5 billion pesos to mend roads in the Southeast, including five key sections in Quintana Roo. This follows the cancellation of nine tender processes previously set for the repair of roads impacted by the Maya Train project.

The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) has been entrusted with these repair works, receiving a budget of 1.58 billion pesos. Originally, the Secretariat of Infrastructure Communications and Transport (SICT) was to oversee the project.

A total of twenty sections are slated for refurbishment: five in Campeche, two in Chiapas, five in Quintana Roo, two in Tabasco, two in Veracruz, and four in Yucatan.

In the Mexican Caribbean, the project will encompass five stretches of highway 307, totaling 43.5, 4.1, 7, 9.83, and 10 kilometers respectively. These sections were all affected by the Maya Train works.

Previously, the SICT was managing a national road maintenance program with a budget of 11 billion pesos. Despite the current allocation being a fraction of this amount, at 1.5 billion pesos, it is expected that this is just the first of several funding packages that SEDENA will receive for the same purpose. Initially, the plan was to refurbish a total of 2,381 kilometers of roads. However, with the current budget, only 496 kilometers can be renovated.

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Given the urgency and the nearing end of the current six-year term, it is projected that the repair works will be completed within three to five months, starting from March of this year.

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