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Mexican Journalist in Legal Battle with Construction Company Over Land Dispute

Fabiola Cortés, a Mexican journalist, is facing a lawsuit from the construction company, Four Cardinals, over a land dispute in the Riviera Maya. Cortés alleged that the company, which has Spanish origins, fraudulently acquired land from local Mayan residents in the "El Pocito" area using counterfeit documents.

In response to these accusations, Four Cardinals has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Cortés, claiming defamation and demanding compensation. The company is seeking multimillion-dollar payments on two counts. Firstly, they are demanding $3.6 million (equivalent to approximately 60,670,440 pesos) for material damages. Secondly, they are seeking an additional 5 million pesos for what they term as serious moral harm.

Cortés, who is also an activist, has documented evidence that the construction company obtained false documents to facilitate the supposed purchase of a large tract of land, comprising over 1400 lots. The fictitious property is named "El Martillo", a name which the Ministry of Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU) has confirmed does not exist in their records.

Further supporting her claims, Cortés presented the case of a Mayan indigenous couple who allege that their land was seized by Four Cardinals, as it fell within the boundaries of the fictitious "El Martillo" area. Despite the authorities siding with the couple, construction of a residential complex on the disputed land continues.