A woman signing a large white pledge board detailing commitments for urban transformation and solidarity.

“Revolutionizing Solidaridad: Digital Beach to End Corruption”

Estefanía Mercado, a mayoral candidate for Solidaridad under the "Let's Continue Making History in Quintana Roo" Coalition, has unveiled a new program called "Digital Beach". The initiative aims to fully digitize City Hall operations and eradicate corruption across all departments.

"Digital Beach" will enable residents to access all municipal services online, including tax payments and reporting issues with urban infrastructure. Mercado highlighted that this digital transition will streamline processes, eliminate long queues, and reduce opportunities for bribery and extortion.

The program also aims to boost municipal revenues by 30 percent, a percentage currently lost to corruption. Furthermore, "Digital Beach" will create job opportunities for single mothers, who will be trained to assist in digitizing all aspects of City Hall.

During a meeting with the Riviera Maya Architects and Civil Engineers Colleges, Mercado signed the Commitment for the Urban Transformation of Solidaridad, underscoring her dedication to transparent and efficient governance. She also took part in the "Forum for the Transformation of Solidaridad" with local deputy candidate for District X, María José Osorio. The forum was a platform for proposals for a Municipal Anticorruption Plan and discussions on responsible finances and eliminating corruption in the granting of licenses and permits.

Mercado expressed confidence that, in collaboration with Claudia Sheinbaum and the state government, she can transform Playa del Carmen into an organized and efficient city. The "Digital Beach" initiative is expected to not only expedite processes, but also significantly reduce corruption and enhance municipal revenue collection.