Many dogs lying down and resting in a shaded outdoor area with tiled flooring, surrounded by walls and a closed gate, displaying a sense of calm and shelter.

Animal Rescue Braces for Hurricane: Dramatic Last-Minute Shelter Move

In a race against time, an animal rescue organization named "Cachorrilandia" relocated over 200 dogs from their shelter on the city outskirts to a borrowed warehouse. This last-minute move was made to protect the animals from the incoming Hurricane Beryl.

Cachorrilandia owns a two-hectare plot of land near Leona Vicario, but they have not yet built a shelter there. This meant that they had to find a new location to move their dogs to before the hurricane hit. Just hours before Beryl's arrival, they secured permission to use a warehouse in the "Los Héroes" subdivision of Cancún.

Yulidiana Lázaro Huérfano, the founder of Cachorrilandia, shared that their troubles didn't stop there. Their van broke down, but they received help from the State Government. Governor Mara Lezama arranged for two vans to be sent to aid their relocation, a process that lasted until 1 AM.

The dogs were kept in a covered area but were noticeably distressed by the storm and the loss of power. One particularly agitated dog even bit Yulidiana, who brushed off the incident.

As the rains continue and another low-pressure system forms, the organization is in talks with the warehouse owner about extending their stay. Their land near Leona Vicario is spacious but they lack the funds to build the necessary enclosures for a shelter.

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"We are a registered association, but we still need donors. We cannot issue tax receipts, which complicates fundraising," Yulidiana explained.