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Experience Merida’s Culinary Revolution with 3 New Hotels!

Merida is set to open three new hotels, focusing on experiential and regional culinary experiences, with an investment of approximately 100 million pesos. The upcoming launch of the Amate 61 hotel marks a new chapter in the region's hospitality sector.

By early 2025, the Amate 50 and Amate 62 hotels are expected to join this initiative. This trio of hotels will offer fresh accommodation and gastronomy experiences in Merida, the capital of Yucatan. The project aims to enhance the city's tourism offerings and promote regional culinary experiences. It also encourages socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

A standout feature of these hotels will be their focus on regional culinary experiences. Each hotel will house a signature restaurant showcasing the best of Yucatecan cuisine, paired with inventive local mixology.

But the guest experience extends beyond food and drink. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore Merida's unique charm through a series of specially designed tours. These tours will offer a fresh perspective on the city, from historical neighborhoods to the iconic magical neighborhood of La Ermita, enriching the overall tourist experience.

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