Two people wearing safety vests standing in front of commercial trucks decorated with flags

Mayan Train Carriers Unpaid: Protests Erupt!

Mary Flores, spokesperson for the United Carriers Movement, has revealed that carriers involved in the Mayan Train construction project have gone unpaid for over five months. These carriers, responsible for transporting ballast for the project, have started to protest, demanding both payment and compensation. As part of these protests, several roads across the country have been blocked.

Flores went on to share that some carriers have gone as long as eight months without payment and have also been subjected to threats. Questions are being raised about whether this payment issue is linked to Amílcar Olán, a friend of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's sons.

Despite the lack of payment, the carrier companies continue to cover the cost of the materials and operator expenses, while the contractors contribute no personal funds. These protests have prompted a roundtable discussion with authorities in an attempt to find a resolution to the ongoing issue.

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