Two men standing in front of a white wall with their eyes covered by black bars for privacy. One is wearing a dark blue V-neck shirt and jeans, the other is in a light blue button-up shirt and khaki pants, with a fire extinguisher sign on the wall behind them.$# CAPTION

# Massive Drug Trafficking Bust! 5 Arrested in Tulum, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos

In a series of coordinated operations, five individuals were arrested for suspected involvement in drug trafficking in the municipalities of Tulum, Cozumel, and Puerto Morelos. These operations were a joint effort between the State Attorney General's Office, the Secretary of National Defense, and the National Guard.

The first operation took place in Tulum, where agents apprehended Carlos Armando "N" and Kevin "N" on the Cancun-Tulum highway. During a routine check, they were found with a variety of substances resembling marijuana, cocaine, and crack, presumably intended for sale. Preliminary investigations suggest that both detainees may be associated with a local criminal group.

In a separate operation, the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Combat against Drug Trafficking, in collaboration with the Secretary of National Defense, arrested José Alejandro "N" and Feliciando "N" on J. Zetina Gasca Avenue in Puerto Morelos. During the arrest, doses of crystal-like substances and marijuana were seized. José Alejandro "N" is suspected to be part of a criminal group involved in drug distribution in Puerto Morelos and Benito Juarez.

Lastly, in Cozumel, agents of the Investigation Police, supported by the National Guard, arrested Guillermo "N" in the Chen Tuk Colony. During a routine inspection, they found substances resembling crystal meth, cocaine, and marijuana.

All detainees and the seized evidence have been turned over to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The legal status of the detainees will be determined according to the law within the established legal timeframe.