First responders and bystanders at a motorcycle accident with an injured person being assisted on the ground next to a fallen blue motorcycle and a parked tanker truck in the background

“Shocking Motorcycle Accident on Tulum-Playa Del Carmen Route!”

A motorcyclist was injured and his vehicle damaged in an accident on Federal Highway 307 near the Triunfadores neighborhood. The accident was caused by a van driver making a reckless U-turn.

The van, traveling from south to north, cut off the motorcyclist's path with its sudden turn. The motorcyclist attempted to dodge the van, resulting in a skid and a fall onto the pavement.

Emergency services, including the National Guard, Civil Protection, and paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross, quickly arrived on the scene. They provided immediate first aid to the injured motorcyclist, who was found sitting by the side of the road.

Almost at the same time, another traffic incident occurred on Tulum Avenue. A woman riding her motorcycle was hit by a pickup truck. The truck was attempting to merge onto the avenue when it struck the woman, causing her to fall. She also required assistance at the scene.

Traffic incidents are on the rise in the city and on Federal Highway 307, particularly on the Tulum – Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Tulum – Playa del Carmen, and Tulum – Cobá sections.

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