Four individuals, three in various law enforcement uniforms and one civilian, conversing near a water cooler and shopping cart, potentially during an investigation or a check-in.

Man Arrested for Drinking Beer Inside Cozumel Store

A man was arrested in a Chedraui supermarket in Cozumel after he purchased beer and began drinking it inside the store. The security authorities were alerted to the incident via a 911 call, with reports of a man causing a disturbance due to his intoxication.

Upon arrival at the Chedraui location, the police liaised with the store's security officer. The officer had already apprehended the intoxicated man, accusing him of causing a public disturbance and disregarding his instructions not to consume alcohol within the store.

The man in question was identified as 39-year-old Armando P. C. He was subsequently handcuffed and transported to the Cozumel Public Security premises. His legal status will be determined by a judge.

Images of security personnel holding beer cans circulated on social media. It was later clarified that these images were related to the incident at the Chedraui supermarket in Cozumel.

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