map of storm forming in atlantic

Low Pressure Areas Shaping Up to Become Storms

Two areas of low pressure have doubled their probability of evolving into a tropical storms. Local authorities are keeping watch.

CANCÚN – Quintana Roo authorities and the National Meteorological System reinforced their surveillance of three low pressure areas in the Atlantic, as two have doubled their probability, from 40 to 80%, to evolve into tropical storms.

map of storms forming in atlantic

According to information from the National Hurricane Center , the low pressure zone currently located north of Colombia is projected to advance along the Central American coastlines and cross the Yucatan Peninsula. There is an 80% probability of this depression escalating into a tropical storm in the next five days.

The other two systems, located in the center of the Atlantic, present probabilities of 80 and 30% to form into cyclones. Current trajectories projected by the center indicate that they will remain in the Atlantic Ocean, without major effects on the populations.

These are projections that could be modified, which is why Governor Carlos Joaquín González said that it is important that citizens remain attentive to their development.

The weather situation for today is expected to be cloudy in the afternoon with showers and heavy occasional rains in Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo, accompanied by electric strikes.

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Source: Luces del Siglo