cancun taxi driver accused of raping 3 women

Taxi Driver in Cancun Arrested for Drugging and Abusing Three Women

Prosecutor Óscar Montes petitioned the victims to join the criminal proceedings that will be initiated against the accused to present their complaint.

CANCUN – The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo, reported that as a result of intelligence, field and cabinet work, investigative police and with the use of C5 cameras, the capture of Manuel “V” was carried out.

cancun taxi driver accused of raping 3 women

The accused is found to be related to at least three investigation files initiated for the crime of rape of three women, two of whom are foreigners. Their identities are being reserved.

According to the first investigations, the crimes attributed to Manuel “V”, a taxi driver, occurred on three different dates.

The most recent attack occurred on August 21 when a young foreign woman requested taxi service. The now accused, offered her a drink to which he had supplied a substance known as Clonazepam, causing the victim to lose consciousness. The accused subsequently sexually abused her and left her abandoned.

This event joins two other previous cases, in which two young people presented their complaint of being sexually abused under the same circumstances.

The investigative work was carried out by agents who, with the help of C5 technology, made it possible to identify the routes that the taxi driver took to commit his illicit acts. Once he was located, he was presented to the Public Ministry where experts in the matter collect the scientific evidence necessary to prove his probable participation.

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Special Prosecutors assigned to “Crimes against Sexual Freedom and the Free Development of Personality” will analyze and assess the evidence which will then be incorporated into the investigation folder. They then requested the arrest warrant from a control judge.

An attentive call is made to other probable victims of this subject, so that they join the criminal proceedings that will be initiated against him. Victims may present their complaint in person at the Public Ministry agencies or through the Victims Assistance Hotline for Sexual and/or Gender Crimes at 998 302 2702.

With actions like this one, the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo seeks to fulfill its constitutional mandate to investigate, identify, locate and capture the probable participants of crimes that go against the dignity and physical integrity of the women of the state of Quintana Roo and its visitors.

Source: FGE Qroo