A woman in a white shirt speaking into a microphone and gesturing with her right hand in front of a crowd of people during a community event.

Lili Campos Vows to Boost Rural Support in Playa del Carmen

Lili Campos, the candidate for city council president of Solidaridad, has announced plans to invest in a cooperative that will foster partnerships with the Riviera Maya's hotel sector.

Solidaridad has seen positive growth in the three years since its last renewal, which has paved the way for new initiatives. One such proposal is the creation of the Cooperative of Rural Communities of Solidaridad. Campos, who is running under the "Strength and Heart for Quintana Roo" alliance, made this commitment during a meeting with representatives from the municipality's rural communities.

The aim of the cooperative is to facilitate wholesale trade with local hotels. "We want to ensure that a certain percentage of the purchases made by these hotels are sourced from Solidaridad," Campos explained. "This will help our rural communities to thrive."

Campos also pledged to launch programs that will support the creation of vegetable gardens and provide seeds for agricultural producers. She also committed to providing specialist help for pest control and creating spaces in municipal markets where producers can sell their goods directly to consumers.

To ensure progress, monthly meetings will be held with community representatives. "Our rural communities are the backbone of Solidaridad, and their strength and productivity are vital to our municipality," Campos said. "With your continued support, we will further enhance the field of Solidaridad."