A person standing smiling next to a black motorcycle equipped with luggage, inside a garage full of various items.

Globetrotter’s Dream Ruined: Motorcycle Stolen in Tulum

A young globetrotter from China had her motorcycle stolen outside a hostel in Tulum. The incident was widely reported on social media, with users expressing their outrage at the theft. The young woman, who was in the midst of a world tour, had her journey abruptly interrupted in Tulum.

"It's really unfortunate that such incidents occur in Tulum. You plan a dream trip around the world, visit various countries, and then arrive in Tulum only to have your motorcycle stolen by a heartless thief," said one Facebook user, rallying the community to help locate the stolen bike.

According to social media posts, which included photos and videos of the stolen motorcycle, the vehicle was a Honda CMX Rebel 500. The rider, Ying Liu, had used this motorcycle to travel through various countries since leaving China.

The theft reportedly took place around 1 a.m. on Saturday, while the motorcycle was parked outside the Onyx hostel on Luna Norte Street in the city center. The motorcycle had been brought into the country through the Mexicali customs on November 20th of the previous year. Liu had traveled through various states before arriving in Tulum.

The local community is now rallying together in hopes of locating the stolen motorcycle and returning it to its rightful owner.