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“Breaking News: Ban on Credit Card Fees Approved by Lawmakers”

In a unanimous decision, the Chamber of Deputies has approved amendments to the Federal Consumer Protection Law, effectively banning suppliers of goods, services or products from imposing additional charges on consumers who choose to pay via debit or credit cards. The decree, which alters article 127 and introduces a new article 7 Ter, has been forwarded to the Senate for constitutional approval.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) has found that some businesses charge a commission or surcharge of 3 to 5 percent on the total value of a purchase or service when payment is made through a credit or debit card. The new decree will penalize non-compliance with fines ranging from 701.15 pesos to 2,243,671.49 pesos.

The Condusef has also pointed out that this practice is in violation of agreements businesses have with banks. Contracts for the use of point of sale terminals clearly state that the cost of using this service should not be passed on to the consumer. The benefits businesses gain from using point of sale terminals far outweigh the costs, making it unnecessary to transfer these costs to consumers.

Deputy Rene Figueroa Reyes (PAN) stated that the reforms are a step towards eliminating the unfair practice of businesses influencing consumers' payment methods, leading them to believe that electronic payments are more expensive than cash. He expressed his belief that the benefits of banning commissions for card usage far outweigh any potential drawbacks. He also argued that consumers should not be burdened with additional fees each time they use their bank cards, and that regulating this practice will promote financial inclusion and equitable access to financial services.

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Deputy Maribel Martinez Ruiz (PT) added that the decree aims to end the abuse of consumers through the charging of commissions for the use of point of sale terminals. She highlighted that card payment is one of the most common methods of transaction in modern commerce, and for many, it is their primary form of payment. Therefore, the decree is not only a form of consumer protection but also beneficial for commerce itself, as undue commission charges can deter card payments.

Deputy Susana Cano Gonzalez (Morena) noted the increasing relevance of credit and debit card payments in Mexico's retail and service sectors in recent years. She voiced her support for the reforms to ban commission charges, and her vote in favor of the decree is a vote for the family economy and those who are less fortunate.

Finally, Deputy Blanca Araceli Narro Panameño (Morena) emphasized that prohibiting additional commission charges for consumers who use credit or debit cards is a necessary measure to protect the finances of the Mexican people.