A diverse group of people cheering and holding up flags at a nighttime rally event

“Mother Seekers of Quintana Roo Demand Justice – Shocking Custody Battle Unfolds!”

The "Mother Seekers of Quintana Roo" collective took to the streets tonight, marching through the city's Hotel Zone. Their demand was clear – they want a young girl to be returned to her mother's care. The girl's father, accused of rape, is currently in a custody battle for the child. The judicial system appears to be leaning towards granting him custody, much to the collective's dismay.

The activists, armed with banners carrying messages supporting their cause, began their peaceful protest at the city's Kilometer Zero. From there, they marched along the outbound lanes of Kukulcán Boulevard.

The collective's demands are two-fold. First, they want the young girl to be returned to her mother without delay. Second, they are calling for the arrest of the accused father.

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