People walking along a seaside promenade with a view of a distant pier and the ocean under a cloudy sky.

Cozumel’s Tourism Slump: What Happened on May 13, 2024?

Cozumel kicked off the week with a slow day in tourism, welcoming just over 3,500 visitors. This influx was due to the docking of a single cruise ship and the arrival of 11 flights, generating an estimated economic boost of nearly six million pesos.

On this Monday, the major port activity was confined to a single arrival at the SSA Mexico pier. The ship, Enchantment of the Seas, was docked from 06:15 to 17:00 hours. No tourist movements were expected at Puerta Maya and Punta Langosta.

In addition to the cruise ship, there were two flights arriving from Houston and an equal number from Mexico City. There was also a flight from Miami and another from Dallas. These six flights represented a mix of national and international arrivals.

The day also marked the inauguration of the air bridge between Cancun and Cozumel, with five daily flights now in operation.

It's worth noting that each cruise ship arrival is estimated to generate an economic boost of 4,080,000 pesos. This is based on the arrival of three thousand tourists who each spend an average of 80 dollars. Each flight, on the other hand, carries an average of 110 passengers who stay for 4.5 days, spending an average of 160 dollars daily. Therefore, the estimated economic injection for this particular day was 5,864,200 pesos. This figure does not include the economic impact of the new air bridge flights with Cancun.