A group of smiling people, some wearing sports uniforms and medals, posing together with a trophy at an award ceremony outdoors at night.

Sea Horse Dominates: Isla Mujeres Volleyball League Winners!

In an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy, the Municipal Government of Isla Mujeres recognized the winners of the Municipal Volleyball League. This event is part of the government's initiative to promote sports and healthy living within the community.

The final match of the league took place at the Bicentennial Dome in the La Gloria neighborhood. Sea Horse emerged as the champions, winning 3 sets to 1 against The Remix. The winning team was awarded trophies and medals for their achievement.

The event was a lively affair, with local families coming together to enjoy the match. The high-quality facilities provided a suitable venue for this important community event, contributing to the overall quality of life on the island.

The Municipal Government encourages residents to engage in regular physical activity, such as volleyball. This initiative aims to reduce sedentary lifestyles, improve physical health, and enhance mental and emotional well-being. By promoting regular exercise, the government hopes to decrease the incidence of various health conditions and improve the overall health and fitness of the community.

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