A boat with a blue cover moored on a calm sea near the shore, with wet pebbles in the foreground.

“Monster Sargassum Onslaught Set to Hit Mexican Caribbean!”

A colossal patch of sargassum, estimated to be around 5 thousand square kilometers (approximately 10 times the size of Cozumel Island), is heading towards the Mexican Caribbean. This warning comes from the Monitoring Network, whose director predicts that this year will see between 200 thousand and 300 thousand tons of sargassum hitting the shores of Quintana Roo. This quantity far exceeds the amounts seen in the past two years.

The Monitoring Network has identified a significant accumulation of pelagic sargassum floating about 100 kilometers east of the Guanaja and Roatán islands, in the Honduran Caribbean. It is anticipated that this mass will be carried into the waters of Quintana Roo in the upcoming weeks.

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