A group of children gathered around an exhibit with a guide at a museum, with immersive lighting and colorful backdrops enhancing the learning experience.

“Explore Cozumel’s Island Museum on International Museum Day”

In honor of International Museum Day, the Island Museum in Cozumel opened its doors to dozens of local children. The event aimed to educate the younger generation about the biocultural heritage preserved within the museum. The goal was to spark interest in nature, culture, and the arts, thereby encouraging the preservation of this heritage.

Alejandro Marchán Payán, General Director of the Foundation of Parks and Museums of Cozumel (FPMC), explained that the attendees were treated to a guided tour through the museum's 11 rooms. These rooms showcase the geological context, ecosystemic relevance, island biodiversity, and the rich history and culture of Cozumel. The tour was designed to be both educational and entertaining for the children.

The event, organized by the Directorate of Pedagogy and Social Assistance (PAS), began with an overview of the geological formation of the Island. It covered the identification of soils, island ecosystems, and biodiversity. The tour also provided a detailed historical narrative, from the time of the ancient Mayas, through the fascinating era of pirates, to the repopulation and the contemporary stage of Cozumel.

Among the rooms dedicated to cultural traditions and promotion of artistic expressions, one is dedicated to the Carnival of Cozumel. This carnival is one of the most important and colorful traditions of the community. There are also rooms where art exhibitions are held, which are open to the public free of charge.

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The guided tours for International Museum Day were made possible with the support of Jesús Benavides Andrade and Héctor González Cortés. They are the director and deputy director of the Punta Sur Ecotourism Park, respectively.