Synchronized divers mid-dive from high platforms at a pool during a cloudy day with spectators watching.

Tragic Death at Quintana Roo University Pool Shocks Community

A 14-year-old boy tragically lost his life early this morning at the General Hospital of Chetumal. He was rushed to the hospital after jumping from a 10-meter high platform into an empty Olympic pool at Quintana Roo University's sports facility. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear, sparking suspicion and uncertainty.

The incident came to light early on Monday when a distress call was made to the 911 emergency line. The caller reported a boy was severely injured after falling into the diving pit at the university, located on Heriberto Frías Avenue in the Cinco de Abril neighborhood.

Upon arrival, Quintana Roo Police officers found an eyewitness who reported seeing the boy jump from the 10-meter platform into an empty pool. The boy was found injured at the bottom of the diving pit, surrounded by a pool of blood.

Officers from various police units attended the scene, confirming the boy had suffered severe craniocerebral trauma. After stabilizing him, they transported him to the General Hospital of Chetumal. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, the boy succumbed to his injuries less than an hour after being admitted.

The boy's body has since been taken to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) in the State Capital to determine the exact cause of death. Investigators from the State Attorney General's Office are now working to establish the circumstances leading up to the boy's fall. They are probing whether it was a suicide or if others were present who may have influenced him to jump.

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The investigation into the boy's death has been hindered by a lack of cooperation from some family members and authorities who have been reluctant to assist with the inquiry.