Tulum Election Results in Question

The alliance “Va Por Quintana Roo” claims “great electoral fraud” in the elections for Tulum Municipal President.

After analyzing the results last Sunday in the election for the Municipal Presidency of Tulum, the alliance “Va Por Quintana Roo” claims “great electoral fraud” in the elections for Tulum Municipal President and will contest the result of the elections.

According to data from the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo, the winner of the election in Tulum was Marciano Dzul Caamal, from the alliance “Juntos Haremos Historia en Quintana Roo” (Together We Will Make History in Quintana Roo) (Morena, Verde, PT, and Authentic Social Movement), with 51.43 percent of the votes.

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Meanwhile, the candidate of “Va Por Quintana Roo” (PAN, PRD, PRI and Confianza), Víctor Mas Tah, came in second place with 38.53 percent of the vote.

However, the state campaign coordinator of the “Va Por Quintana Roo” alliance, Mayuli Martínez Simón, and the state leaders of the PAN, PRI, PRD and “Confianza Por Quintana Roo”, indicated in a press conference that there were serious incidents during the election day..

They affirmed that it is a matter of imposing by means of force and violence a winner of the election in the municipality of Tulum and that the voters themselves were subjected to threats and persecution, and even physical attacks.

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“We reject the violent acts and acts of vandalism that were allegedly carried out by members of the coalition that aligns the Morena, Labor Party, and Green Party parties in the Tulum municipality,” said Martínez Simón.

The PAN affirmed that in the municipalities and districts where the election took place in peace, calm, and in a democratic environment, the coalition has accepted the result of the PREP.

“However, in Tulum, we are facing what we consider a great fraud, where the candidate Marciano Dzul clearly saw how ostentatious and the waste of economic resources, so we will ask the electoral authorities to investigate him for the possibility of exceeding the top of the campaign ”, declared Martínez Simón.

The state leaders of the coalition parties that supported Víctor Mas Tah commented that it is known to all that there is an open investigation in the Financial Intelligence Unit and in the Attorney General’s Office against Marciano Dzul for the alleged crime of use of resources of illicit origin, and despite this, it has been allowed to participate in the electoral process.

“The four parties, PAN, PRI, PRD and “Confianza por Quintana Roo” have decided that we will defend the votes of the citizens and we will go to court to challenge the election,” they stressed.

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Source: Luces del Siglo