An individual in a wheelchair at a protest holding a sign that reads "JUSTICIA PARA ROBERT", with other protestors around, signifying a call for legal or social justice.

Quadriplegic Man Leads Highway Protest for Justice

Roberto González, a man left quadriplegic after a brutal attack by his neighbors, led a demonstration in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The protest, demanding justice for his condition, resulted in the closure of a major highway.

González has lived with quadriplegia for seven years, a result of a violent beating from his neighbors. His story has sparked outrage and led to a massive demonstration that disrupted traffic on the federal highway in Playa del Carmen.

The protest caused significant disruption, stranding hundreds of motorists. Some frustrated drivers attacked the demonstrators, who were calling for Mayor Lili Campos and President-elect Stefania Mercado to intervene. They want González's attackers, Rodrigo "N" and Fernanda "N", to face jail time.

Despite the rain, González's determination did not waver. He is committed to pushing the authorities and judges to deliver justice in his case. His attackers, his former neighbors, remain free without serving any sentence.

The demonstration took place on Federal Highway 307, near 28th of July Avenue in Playa del Carmen. It led to confrontations between motorists and protesters, who intermittently blocked the highway. Despite the tension, the protest did not result in a complete road closure.

González, present in his wheelchair, faced criticism from some citizens more concerned with their travel plans than his plight. However, the protesters remained steadfast, chanting, "Justice, justice, justice!"

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A protester stated, "We will not move until we have a dialogue. Robert asks to be heard. He has been sitting in a wheelchair for seven years. Enough! It's a peaceful protest, our intention is not to harm, but it's the only way he’ll be heard."

Some motorists pleaded with the protesters to leave the highway and not harm others. The protesters responded that they were tired of demanding justice and that protesting at the Municipal Palace of Solidaridad would change nothing.

González's father addressed the public, saying, "An injustice for 7 years deserves this and more. My son was an active person and was harmed by a savage man… Today we have him, for all people to feel what it is to have a son run over, out of malice and lack of justice. Who can stand being paralyzed for seven years because of an evildoer?"