People presenting on stage at SAN CRIS Caribe anime and comic convention with event details and guests listed on an adjacent promotional poster.

First-Ever Anime, Comic & Sci-Fi Con in Playa del Carmen!

The Solidaridad Government has proudly sponsored "San Cris Con", the first-ever anime, comic, and science fiction convention in Playa del Carmen. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the Aitana Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting children with cancer in the local area and the wider state.

Carlos Contreras, the Secretary of Health, conveyed the government's enthusiasm to host this event on behalf of the president. He emphasized the importance of strengthening the Aitana Foundation. Rafael Ávila, a representative from the foundation, expressed gratitude for the support. He noted that they currently provide care for over 250 children with cancer in Quintana Roo.

The convention featured renowned voice actors such as Mario Castañeda and René García. It also welcomed guest artists from Marvel, including Marte Gracia and Víctor Olazaba Serna. Hosting 'San Cris Con' in Playa del Carmen is a significant accomplishment for the municipality, and a valuable opportunity to support children with cancer through the Aitana Foundation.

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