Aerial shot showing a housing development at the edge of a dense forest with smoke rising from a fire in the distance

“Wildfires Ravage Quintana Roo: Tourist Havoc and Environmental Impact!”

Two forest fires are currently raging in the popular tourist destinations of Playa del Carmen and Mahahual in Quintana Roo. Efforts are underway to combat both blazes.

The fire in Playa del Carmen is located near the Villas del Sol neighborhood. Local authorities are working tirelessly to contain the fire. Residents have reported dense smoke in the area for several days, raising concerns about potential respiratory complications and the risk of intoxication. The strong smell of burning has also been described as unbearable, intensifying in the early hours of Monday. While the priority is to extinguish the fire, there are also calls for those responsible for the disaster to be held accountable.

The Ocelotes Firefighter brigade, part of the Civil Protection of Solidaridad, is on the ground conducting mechanical trench work. The fire has reportedly affected an estimated 25 hectares.

Meanwhile, a separate fire continues to wreak havoc in Mahahual. Despite the efforts of volunteers and authorities, the blaze has been burning for over 30 days and shows no signs of stopping. The damage to the local ecosystem is becoming increasingly evident.

Municipal Civil Protection personnel, in coordination with the CONAFOR, have responded to a report of a forest fire at the Punta Herradura junction on the Mahahual-Xcalak road section.

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In related news, the State Civil Protection and Risk Management Coordination (CEPCyGR) of Oaxaca has reported that a fire in the sawmill of the municipality of San Juan Bautista Guelache is now 90 percent under control. However, this fire has already burned two hectares, resulted in the evacuation of 1,081 homes in the Villas de San Miguel subdivision, affected 21 homes in the Villa San Miguel subdivision (northern area), caused major damage to 10 homes in the San Miguel agency (southern area), and led to three cases of intoxication.