A torn political campaign billboard with parts of the faces visible and text encouraging people to vote on 2nd of July, surrounded by trees and bushes against a cloudy sky.

Estefanía Mercado’s Billboard Vandalized in Playa del Carmen: Shocking Incident Sparks Outrage and Concern

A political billboard featuring Estefanía Mercado was damaged near a police checkpoint in the northern part of Playa del Carmen, on the route to Cancun. The billboard, which had only been erected hours earlier, was reportedly vandalized with sharp objects, leaving it in ruins.

Arturo Castro Duarte, the general campaign coordinator of the "Let's Keep Making History in Quintana Roo" coalition in Solidaridad, stated that the incident went unnoticed by the police officers stationed at the nearby checkpoint. He expressed concern that this act of vandalism occurred in close proximity to a police checkpoint equipped with security cameras linked to the C2.

Duarte also revealed that this is not the first instance of their campaign material being vandalized. He stated that the coalition will file an official complaint with the Quintana Roo Electoral Institute regarding the incident.

The representative for Estefanía Mercado added that the campaign team has been the recipient of numerous threats. In fact, days before the billboard was vandalized, a vehicle belonging to one of Mercado's team members was subjected to a 'window smashing' incident. Surprisingly, nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

Duarte suggested that these actions reflect the desperation of their opponents as they face impending defeat. He concluded by urging all candidates from other parties and coalitions to act within the bounds of legality. He emphasized that such incidents tarnish an electoral process that should be a democratic celebration, with the people as the key players on June 2.