A dilapidated car surrounded by old tires and debris under a makeshift shelter with a damaged roof.

Man Recovers Stolen Car in Cancun with GPS!

A man who fell victim to car theft successfully located his stolen vehicle using a GPS application. After discovering his car parked in a residential yard, he promptly alerted the police. The incident occurred around 2:00 pm yesterday in a house posing as a mechanical workshop, situated on Puerto Juarez Avenue in Region 90.

The car owner, who owns a Tsuru model, explained that he decided to visit the specified address as it was marked as his vehicle's location by the GPS system. Upon his arrival, he recognized his car, bearing the license plate UTZ-103L. He subsequently contacted the police, enabling him to reclaim his vehicle.

Moreover, the location also contained various auto parts from other vehicles and additional units, suggesting possible further thefts.

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