Two soldiers in camouflage uniforms conducting a nighttime security patrol outside a building with a red wall and a gated door, with one leaning on a bicycle and another standing guard near the entrance.

Massive Drug and Ammo Busts Rock Riviera Maya

The State Prosecutor's Office, in collaboration with the National Guard, has seized various substances believed to be drugs and usable ammunition. These seizures were made during three raids authorized by control judges in the municipalities of Solidaridad, Tulum, and Othón P. Blanco.

The first raid took place at a property on 8 Norte Street, in the Ejidal neighborhood of Solidaridad. Here, agents from the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the fight against Drug Trafficking secured doses of a crystalline substance resembling methamphetamine, and a dry green herb similar to marijuana. During this operation, three individuals, Carlos Eduardo "N", Juan de Dios "N", and Rubén Arturo "N", were arrested for disobedience and failing to comply with the orders of the Investigation Police officers. As a result of these three raids, four people were detained and handed over to the relevant authorities.

The second raid occurred at a property on Maxuxac Avenue in the Payo Obispo neighborhood of Othón P. Blanco. Here, doses of a dry green herb resembling marijuana, a white powder resembling cocaine, and another solid substance similar to crack cocaine were seized. A man identifying himself as Michael Martín "N" was arrested near the scene.

The final search warrant was executed in Tulum, where the Investigation Police discovered usable ammunition of various calibers, as well as a dry green plant matter similar to marijuana.

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Upon completion of the operations, each property was officially sealed. The arrested individuals, along with the seized evidence, were handed over to the authorities to determine their legal status in accordance with the law.