A woman speaking into a microphone addressing an audience at an outdoor community event, with attendees and other speakers in the background.

“Exciting Upgrades: New School & Infrastructure for Vida y Esperanza”

The rural community of "Vida y Esperanza" is set to receive a much-needed boost. Alongside social programs such as firm floors and roofs, water tanks, and solar panels, the community will also benefit from improved road connectivity to the federal highway. The highlight of these developments, however, is the promise of a new school for the community's students.

Lili Campos, the candidate for the municipal presidency of Solidaridad for the alliance "Strength and Heart for Quintana Roo," confirmed these plans in a recent meeting with the community's residents. "We are committed to restoring their facilities, providing them with light through more solar panels, and creating play and sports areas. We will also continue to support the construction and maintenance of their roads," she stated.

Campos also emphasized her commitment to boosting the local economy. This will be achieved through providing seeds for production, intelligent irrigation systems, and spaces for the sale of their products in municipal markets, without the need for intermediaries.

She further stressed that the growth of Solidaridad, through the consolidation of integral renovation, includes all sectors. "Our rural communities are part of the economy of Solidaridad. We must defend them at the polls this coming June 2. Our commitment should be to defend our municipality, our families. We must vote and protect the quality of life of the inhabitants of Solidaridad. Together, we will continue to renovate," she affirmed.