A security guard checks a bag at the entrance of a modern building with the sign 'DeRiMaya' while another person waits their turn.

Playa del Carmen Fraud Case: Shocking Acquittal of Derimaya Administrators!

Celia and Rebeca Rangel González, who were accused of fraud in connection with the Riviera Maya Developer (Derimaya) land regularization project in Playa del Carmen's Colosio neighborhood, were released last month. This was confirmed by a federal judge's protection sentence. The Fifth District Court's case file 527/2024 reveals that the federal judge dismissed the case against the two women's imprisonment. The Prosecutor's Office had previously announced their detention, but the penal center in Benito Juarez has since reported their release. Therefore, the trial against their arrest has been dropped, but they remain under trial, albeit now in freedom.

The protection sentence contradicts the State General Prosecutor's Office's previous statement. The Prosecutor's Office had reported on May 8 that both women were detained as a precautionary measure. However, the federal judge confirmed their release on May 1, the same day their arrest was announced. The sentence further states that if the women were released before the protection claim was presented, then the claimed act does not exist.

Celia and Rebeca Rangel González served as administrators of Derimaya and were accused of alleged fraud. They are the daughters of Ofelia Gonzalez Whitt, a shareholder of Derimaya, along with the government of Quintana Roo. This state-owned company was established to complete the regularization of properties in the Colosio neighborhood in Playa del Carmen. The familial relationship has been confirmed through documentation.