“Thrilling Skateboarding Extravaganza for Cozumel Youth!”

Cozumel, Q. Roo.- The municipal government of Cozumel is inviting the island's youth to participate in the “Youth Expression: Go Skateboarding Day Cozumel 2024” event. This event is set to take place on June 21 and 22, in honor of “World Skate Day”. The goal is to encourage healthy entertainment, camaraderie, and physical activity among the local youth.

This event is part of an initiative by the municipal president, Juanita Alonso Marrufo, to create activities that not only entertain the island's youth but also instill values such as respect, perseverance, and personal development. The event will provide a healthy environment for recreational activities, physical development, and inclusion.

The two-day event will focus on skateboarding and socializing. There will be a variety of activities at different locations across the island, including San Gervasio Park, Municipio Libre Park, the Monument to Mestizaje, the “Las Águilas” square, and Quintana Roo Park. These locations will host dynamic skateboarding activities filled with action and fun.

Participants will have the chance to display their skateboarding skills on a track specifically designed for the event. There will also be a caravan starting from the Flag Mast, traveling along the seafront, and ending at Quintana Roo Park for the closing celebrations.

On Saturday, June 22, the event will move to Casitas beach. This will provide an opportunity for the youth to enjoy skateboarding by the sea and have an unforgettable day with friends and fellow skateboarders.

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Don't miss out on this unique celebration in Cozumel, where skateboarding, recreation, culture, and youth expression come together to create memorable experiences.