Image of a flooded park with overcast clouds suggesting recent rain, sporting facilities in the background, and a wet surface reflecting the gloomy sky

Storm Alert: Cozumel Port Closed to Small Vessels

The Cozumel Port Authority has announced a closure for all vessels under 15 meters in length. This decision also includes the suspension of all recreational water activities within the jurisdiction. The closure is due to a forecasted storm that is expected to bring increased rainfall, strong winds, high waves, and reduced visibility. The maritime community is advised to take necessary precautions and safety measures.

Cargo and passenger vessels are still permitted to navigate, but they must also adhere to the necessary safety measures. The weather forecast is due to a high-pressure system located over the middle north portion of the Atlantic Ocean. This system is pushing southeast winds with high moisture content towards the area. Additionally, a series of Tropical Waves over the Atlantic are expected to bring light to moderate rains with scattered showers.

The trade winds carrying high moisture content from the southeast will continue throughout the week. This will result in light to moderate rains, scattered showers, and occasional thunderstorms, particularly along the coasts of the state of Quintana Roo.

A potential Tropical Storm is currently located 585 km east-southeast of La Pesca, Tams. It has sustained maximum winds of 65 ph and is moving north at 11 kph. If this storm reaches the category of Tropical Storm, it will be named Alberto. Additionally, a low-pressure system located east of the Bahamas is moving west or west-northwest towards the east of the US coasts. Both systems are being closely monitored, but currently pose no threat to the state of Quintana Roo.

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The weather forecast predicts a mostly cloudy sky with light to moderate, intermittent rains and showers. There will be occasional thunderstorms, southeast winds of 36 to 45 kph with gusts of 55 kph, and waves of 7 to 11 feet in the Yucatan Channel. Temperatures are expected to range from 24 to 30°C, with the heat index reaching up to 31°C between 2 and 4 pm.

The public is advised to stay informed about the prevailing conditions in the forecast area. Caution is advised for rain, thunderstorms, wind, and high heat index and ultraviolet rays between 10 am and 4 pm. Currently, there are no alerts for the state of Quintana Roo. The port remains closed to vessels less than 15 meters in length and recreational aquatic activities are suspended. The maritime community is urged to follow the instructions of the port authority.