People enjoying a sunny day at a beach lagoon with a gazebo on a pier in the background

“Discover the Fun: Chankanaab Children’s Day Celebration!”

The Chankanaab Natural Park recently welcomed 488 students from various schools to celebrate "Children's Day." The event featured a range of fun beach activities, allowing the children to engage with nature and culture. This initiative was a response to requests from local educational institutions made to the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC).

The children began arriving at Chankanaab in the morning, either independently or via FPMC transportation. They enjoyed a tour of the botanical garden, which features exact replicas of archaeological remains from various pre-Hispanic cultures. They also visited the Mayan house, the lagoon that the park is named after, and the beach area, where they spent a significant portion of their time.

Alejandro Marchán Payán, the General Director of the FPMC, stated that the organization's facilities will always be open to provide children with spaces for fun and learning. This is consistent with the ethos of all the parks, the Gervasio BiblioPlane, the Island Museum, and the Environmental Conservation and Education Center.

Payán also took the opportunity to congratulate the children on their special day and extended an invitation to the general public to participate in the various programs and educational activities offered by the institution. These activities, which encompass environmental conservation, art, and culture, aim to enrich knowledge through engaging experiences.

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In conclusion, Payán highlighted that the FPMC also maintains a permanent schedule of activities designed to promote family interaction, education, and children's well-being, fostering a sense of community and belonging.