A man in a purple shirt attentively listens to an elderly woman in traditional clothing during a community visit.

Diego Castañón Leads in Tulum: Promises Bold Changes.

Diego Castañón Trejo, the coalition candidate of "Let's Keep Making History" for the Tulum Presidency, expressed confidence in a decisive victory in the upcoming June 2nd elections. Castañón's optimism stems from the Tulum community's desire for progressive, high-impact initiatives that improve their quality of life, a sentiment echoed by the Morena party. Recent data from consulting firm "De las Heras" supports Castañón's assertion, placing him 30 points ahead of his nearest rival.

Castañón highlighted the overwhelming public support for his campaign, "We're leading two to one, thanks to incredible citizen backing. I'm confident this support will only grow by June 2nd. We're running a grassroots campaign, engaging with our community every day. We believe in the power of honesty, transparency, and connection," he stated.

Castañón presented his vision for a new governance model in Tulum, based on a large-scale social agreement. "We're striving for a new style of leadership, one where citizens, businesses, and government work together to achieve the best outcomes for Tulum. We're advocating for a comprehensive social agreement for Tulum, building on the groundwork laid by our governor for Quintana Roo," he explained.

Castañón also outlined his proposals, tailored to meet the needs of Tulum's citizens. These include the "Tulum Shield" plan, which incorporates technology and intelligence through 500 new cameras, new security arches, and a new C4. He also emphasized the need to combat inequality and social injustices, echoing the sentiments of the incoming president, Claudia Sheinbaum.

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Castañón pledged to foster a more equitable Tulum, with improved services and strategic community projects. Key initiatives include a new sports facility, increased scholarships, and renewed attention to neglected areas. "We're aiming for a Tulum where prosperity is shared. That's why we believe that for Tulum, the best is yet to come," he concluded.