A group of people gathered around a barricade with a protest sign in a sunny outdoor setting with palm trees in the background

Fishermen Clash in Cancún Over Alleged Illegal Eviction

Fishermen and nautical service providers in Cancún have staged a protest by blocking the José López Portillo avenue at the entrance to the Puerto Juárez district. The protesters claim that they are being illegally evicted from a federal property where they have been working for over two decades.

The protest began on the morning of Friday, April 26, when a group of people set up orange plastic barricades at an area near the 'Puerta del Mar' subdivision. Signs were attached to the barricades, one of which read: 'No to the eviction of free fishermen'.

The protesters, who are members of the 'Selene' Cooperative of Puerto Juárez, claim that this issue has been ongoing for several months. Initially, they were denied access to the cooperatives, which were situated on a plot owned by the CROC and used as a nursery next to Playa del Niño.

The protesters accuse the Cancún City Council of sending alleged ministerial agents without any judicial order to forcibly remove them. In response, the fishermen decided to stage a protest.

Due to the blockade, the only access route to the area is now via the Bonampak avenue and the road to Costa Mujeres. This has impacted tourists and locals who are trying to reach the Ultramar Maritime Terminal, bound for Isla Mujeres. They have had to either walk to the site or find alternative transportation.

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Following the news of the blockade by the 'Selene' Cooperative, the new general secretary of the Cancún Government, Antonio de Jesús Riveroll Ribbon, attempted to mediate. However, his proposals were rejected by the protesters. They demanded that the top authority of the Municipality in the area where the alleged eviction took place, Pablo Gutiérrez, be present.

According to local data, the cooperative led by Selene Canché has over 200 assigned fishermen. The protesters are hoping that a delegation will go to the Cancún City Council to address this widespread issue.