A group of medical staff and visitors standing in a hospital lobby near informational stands about a heart health event in 2024

“Saving Little Hearts: Cancún’s United by Heart Pediatric Care Campaign”

The "United by Heart" campaign has been initiated in Cancún, thanks to a collaborative effort from the Quintana Roo government, the Comprehensive Family Development System (DIF), and the Ministry of Health. The campaign aims to provide specialized surgical and diagnostic care for children and adolescents suffering from heart diseases within the state.

Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa, along with Verónica Lezama Espinosa, the honorary president of the Quintana Roo DIF System, and the Minister of Health, Flavio Carlos Rosado, visited the Hospiten Cancún facilities. They joined forces with the civil association "Help a Child's Heart" to commence the heart surgery campaign.

The association, based in La Paz, Baja California Sur, has successfully conducted 11 rounds of surgical interventions previously. They have established a strong partnership with Hospiten Mexico, which is now being extended to its Cancún location. Governor Mara Lezama emphasized that such alliances are crucial in maintaining the hopes and dreams of the children in dire need of cardiac care.

Quintana Roo is dedicated to every heartbeat of hope. According to Mara Lezama, these surgeries not only save lives but also provide a second chance for the dreams of these children and adolescents. Previously, they had to travel to Mérida and Mexico City for such services. However, this collaboration now brings top-tier health services closer to those most in need.

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Verónica Lezama Espinosa, the honorary president of the Quintana Roo DIF System, expressed her sentiments during the first round of surgeries. She stated, "Every heart that is saved resonates with hope throughout Quintana Roo. Every child deserves the opportunity to dream and flourish, and today, we are making those dreams a reality through these partnerships."

This campaign signifies a historic milestone for the state. It is the first time such procedures have been implemented to bridge the inequality gap in accessing high-level medical care for children and adolescents in Quintana Roo.