A group of motorcyclists wearing helmets and protective gear preparing to ride on a sunny day with palm trees in the background.

Don’t Miss the Thrills at Cozumel’s First Stunt Fest!

The inaugural "Cozumel Stunt Fest" was recently held on the island, offering the local community a fun-filled event and a platform for young people to display their urban sports talents. The event attracted participants from various municipalities including Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Chetumal, and of course, Cozumel itself.

The festival took place on Félix González Canto Avenue, nestled between 11 Avenues and Zamná. Over 500 participants showcased their skills in a range of sports, including motorcycling, cycling, and skateboarding.

The Stunt Team Cozumel collective organized the event, which was officially opened by local municipal authorities and group members. Motorcycle enthusiasts were treated to a packed schedule of activities. Highlights included eighth of a mile races between low-cylinder motorcycles, as well as skateboarding and cycling contests. The event also featured a stunt, skate, and BMX show, showcasing tricks and stunts specific to each discipline.

At the conclusion of each competition, awards were given to the top three performers in each category. Prizes were funded by registration fees and generous donations from event sponsors. The festival was overseen by officers from the Directorate of Citizen Security and medical teams from private clinics were on hand to ensure safety and provide medical assistance if required.

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