People standing and walking in an airport check-in area with kiosks and queue barriers.

“New Initiatives to Enhance Tourist Experience at Cancún Airport”

After a recent meeting between hoteliers, state authorities, and the National Institute of Migration, there is optimism that the treatment of tourists at Cancún International Airport will improve. The president of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, Jesús Almaguer Salazar, stated that the meeting's outcome was very positive. The immigration chief was receptive to their concerns, and together, they plan to establish training courses for staff in tourist services. This initiative aims to create a better first impression for tourists.

In recent days, Governor Mara Lezama, along with federal, state, and airport officials, carried out an inspection of Cancún's airport operations. They reviewed immigration processes, visitor entry, waiting times, and other aspects. The Undersecretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transports, Rogelio Jiménez Pons, was also present to oversee the airport's infrastructure and customs operations.

Almaguer Salazar expressed that while immigration services are in a good position, there are still details that need fine-tuning. He emphasized the need for a willingness to make improvements.

The hotelier leader also addressed the issue of excessive transportation charges to and from the airport. They are working on two solutions to this problem. Firstly, an agreement with the Cancún Taxi Drivers' Union is in the works to prevent fare abuse. Secondly, they plan to strengthen security measures to combat illegal taxis.

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This agreement aims to prevent mistreatment, fare exploitation, and blockages in the hotel zone. In case of any issues, the parties involved will negotiate at the Hotel Association or the union table, with the governor participating as a witness.

Almaguer Salazar also discussed the problem of illegal taxis operating at the airport. To address this, they plan to install arch camera systems with license plate and facial recognition at the airport entrances. This will help identify offenders or potential offenders, and ultimately improve the overall image of the destination.