A group of people posing for a photograph in front of a correctional facility with barbed wire and a watchtower in the background

Historic Vote: Inmates at Cancun Prison Cast Ballots

In a historic first for Mexico, pretrial detainees were given the opportunity to vote. This occurred in Cancun Prison, where polling stations were established so inmates could participate in local elections.

A total of 127 pretrial detainees registered to vote within the prison, with three polling stations set up to make the process easier. The inmates were able to cast their votes for local representatives, marking a significant moment in Mexico's electoral system.

The aim of this initiative is to foster inclusion and encourage citizen participation in the electoral process. It ensures that all Mexican citizens, regardless of their circumstances, can exercise their right to vote.

The voting day in Cancun Prison proceeded without any issues. It is hoped that this event will pave the way for similar opportunities in future Mexican elections.

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