Interior of an appliance store filled with various brands of air conditioners, both boxed and on display, along with a peeking employee.

“Cancún Heatwave Sparks 70% Surge in Air Conditioner & Fan Sales!”

Air conditioner sales in Cancún have seen a dramatic increase of up to 70% in recent weeks due to soaring temperatures. Similarly, fans have been flying off the shelves at department stores, with some even running out of stock during the month of May.

Specialized repair shops for mini split air conditioners have also reported a significant surge in demand, up to 90% compared to other months. In fact, scheduling a service appointment now requires advanced booking as slots are quickly filled up.

Interestingly, repair technicians have noticed a trend where recent high school or technical school graduates are immediately joining the workforce in this field. This is likely due to the increased demand for air conditioning units and related services.

In the second half of this year, businesses specializing in air conditioner repair and maintenance have reported up to a 90% increase in service demand. The surge in demand has led to longer working hours for their staff, with technicians leaving the office in the morning and not returning until evening.

The average cost for an inspection and diagnosis at these service centers is 250 pesos, while maintenance services range between 450 and 500 pesos. The number of maintenance jobs has also seen a significant increase.

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Meanwhile, most department stores have also reported a 70% increase in demand for fans and air conditioners. More air conditioners have been sold overall, but as stocks run out, fans have become a popular alternative. In May alone, some stores had to restock their suppliers four times a week due to the high demand.

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